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Fire Safety Compliance Software

Firecloud365 is a software company which offers a cloud based system for the management of statutory fire safety checks, vendor management and preventive maintenance.
The software, which is operated through cloud technology, allows the customer to schedule, record and report all fire checks within a building in keeping with the region’s fire safety legislation — which ultimately lets customers reduce risk and ensure compliance with regulations at all times.

Some of FireCloud365 Unique Features

Fire Safety Made Easy


When the user logs onto the app through their mobile phone, the Tasks for that day will appear. A list of points are then detailed, for the user to check.


The checks are carried out on a mobile phone. The NFC’s are scanned by the mobile phone to confim the user is at the correct point to complete their check. The app can work offline, so no issues when you completle checks in underground car park or basements.


NFC is short for Near Field Communication. The NFC is a small tag with a sticky backing. We embed a unique code onto each tag. The tags is placed at points around the building, when the user is completing their checks, the app will ask them to “tap the tag”. This will ensure that the user gets to complete all their check points.


One Report email is sent out the to relvent manager every morning at 08:00am. This email contains an easy to read report – it will show that either 100% of the checks have been complete, missed or failed checks from the previous day.


Our software is cloud based and this means its not install on PC’s, its accessible from any internet connected browser. You can view in real time whats happening in your building. All the records for inspection are held in the cloud and its accessible in Head office, if required.


FireCloud365 is salable, and can handle multiple building on one campus or multiple building in one organisation. This can standardize check and training across a group. the data then can be used to improve the overall organisation

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