• Fire Drill

    Fire Drills based on legislation should be carried out every six months. Our Software lets you manage and record these drills.

  • Checks

    Our Software gives you a mechanism to create, manage and complete daily tasks associated with the Fire Assets within your Building/Site.

  • Weekly Bell Test

    A Bell Test should be carried out on a weekly basis inline with legislation. Our Software lets you manage and record these events.

  • Multi-Site

    Multi-Site You now can manage multiple sites for one account. No more travel to site to check paper records. This system is audit ready and checks are in real time.

  • Contractor Manangment

    Full contractor management recording and reporting on Service dates, insurance expiry dates, contract expiry dates, with calendar and email notifications.

  • Full Reporting

    With full reporting you will never miss a detail. Create reports on all the checks, on assets or tasks.