Fire Safety Week – Ireland

What is National Fire Safety Week?

National Fire Safety Week is run jointly with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and is about enhancing fire safety, particularly in the home.

National Fire Safety Week

This year’s theme is “Together We Can S.T.O.P. Fire”. This year’s campaign is aimed at prompting older people directly and indirectly through their relatives and care givers to take protective fire safety action.
National Fire Safety Week has its roots in the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred on October 8, 1871. The former American President, Calvin Coolidge, proclaimed the first National Fire Prevention Week in 1925 in memory of those who perished in that Fire. Since then, in early October, it has been observed each year in countries around the world.

137 years on, the message regarding fire prevention and fire safety is as relevant today as it ever was.

Play your part during National Fire Safety Week. Check out the rest of the website and find out how you can help to prevent and detect fires in your home. It could save your life one day!

S – Smoke Alarms, Make sure you have at least one on every floor.

T – Test your smoke alarms weekly or ask someone to check it for you.

O – Obvious dangers, Look for fire risks like overloaded sockets, candles and unattended appliances.

P – Plan your escape route, Keep access routes clear and have your keys at the ready.

Additional Information is available form the Fire Safety Week Website — Click Here

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