Are you Making a Murderer of yourself?


Did you know that if you own or run a building for example a hospital, office, hotel or even an airport, where there are emergency exits (the little green running men), then you must comply with Fire Safety legislation.



Believe it or not, legislation requires that you carry out daily, weekly, monthly etc checks to make sure that in the case of a fire, your building will operate and evacuate your staff/customers as safely and efficiently as possible. If you are not carrying out these checks you may be “Making a murderer” of yourself because all is well until something goes wrong.

Having over 14 years experience in the fire service and since starting with Firecloud365, I’ve had some interesting meetings with potential clients around Europe.

The lack of knowledge about the legal responsibility of the building owner or operator is petrifying. If there was a fire, who would be responsible for property damage or even loss of life? If you don’t know, my point is proven.

Nobody wants to be that person in front of the news camera explaining why somebody couldn’t escape from the building and died because of smoke inhalation or the that victims were burnt alive.




Are your fire registers not filled in, or filled in the day before the inspection? Are they paper based and so if there is a fire, what do you think is the first thing that will burn? Are your employees saying they carried out the checks but you have no way of proving it, tracking or improving the system?

We are not in the business of fire alarms, safety statements or extinguishers. We are in the peace of mind business. We can’t stop fire, but we can make sure your building operates in the way it’s supposed to in that event. We work closely with other fire safety providers.

Think of us as the difference between a bucket of water or a proper fire extinguisher. Both get the job done, but which would you want in the event of a fire?

Fire Safety Compliance isn’t another hassle, it’s law. It’s not a cost, it’s an investment. If you would like to find out more about how our software will help you be compliant, more efficient and effective about your fire safety, feel free to send me a message.

Let’s hope Netflix won’t be making a documentary about you….


Thanks for Reading and feel free to get in contact to discuss how FireClous365 Can help you



Think about every Fire Door, like there’s a Lion behind it ……KEEP IT SHUT

Building Managers PLEASE watch this video to understand the severity of not checking fire doors. Its recommend that we inspect our fire doors every six months, see below an extract from BS 9999:2008

TODAY is a good time to start this process, if your not doing it already . (And yes, this is all bedroom doors in hotels!!)


V.6.2 Fire doors

 All fire doors should be inspected every six months. In particular, it should be ensured that:

a) heat-activated seals and smoke seals are undamaged;

b) door leaves are not structurally damaged or excessively bowed or deformed;

c) gaps between the door leaf and the frame are not so small as to be likely to bind, or so large as to prevent effective fire and smoke-sealing;

d) hanging devices, securing devices, self-closing devices and automatic release mechanisms are operating correctly.

BS 9999:2008

If you would like help to ensure this is carried out on time and inline with legislation….give us a mail…