We know you may have questions, we hope the below answer some of them. If you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch, we will be happy to help.

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  • We have multiple options

    Check out our plans here or email our sales team –sales@firecloud365.com

  • Yes

    If you would like to upgrade your account email us atsales@firecloud365.com

  • Certainly...

    Users – This is the person who is authorised to access the software on both the mobile and web app 

    Assets – This is the physical item that an NFC or QR Code is attached to, examples of which are fire extinguishers, fire door, break glass, final exit, etc.   

    Task – This is the routine from which you conduct your checks, for example, AM Fire Walk, PM Fire Walk, Maintenance Weekly Checks, etc.  

    Sites – This is the building or department, this will be the name of your hotel or building or it can be the name of the type of task which differentiates from each other, for example, Daily Fire Walk, Maintenance Checks. 

  • Both options are available

    Our software is very easy to install, our tags will need to be installed in your check locations, we can come on-site and do this for you for an additional fee or we can give you instructions on how to install yourself.

  • Depends on your location and size of property.

    Email sales@firecloud365.com for a quotation 

  • We certainly do

    We provide full training via video call, we also have support manuals downloadable and we are available via phone and email. We can also do training onsite on the day of installation if we are installing the software for you.  


  • Yes you can

    email sales@firecloud365.com and we will quote you for additional usage

  • No

    We don’t charge for upgrades to our system, any new features we add will automatically been included for free – Your welcome😊

  • Good question...

    All data is stored on Amazon Cloud Servers, safe and secure for your peace of mind. If you need more information on where and how your data is stored please contact us.

  • Yes

    A limited free trial for the premium version can be arranged, contactsales@firecloud365.com


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