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Who Is Responsible for Fire Safety?

Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. It is something we should all be practicing in the workplace but who exactly is responsible?  

If you fall under any of the below, it is you who is responsible for fire safety.  

  • An employer 
  • The owner 
  • Facilities Manager 
  • Building Manager 
  • Risk Assessor 

Your responsibilities include: 

  • Have fire safety measures in place and maintain them  
  • Plan for an emergency 
  • Provide staff with the appropriate training and fire safety instructions 
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment and review it regularly  

It is a very important responsibility and should be taking seriously.  Not only are you planning for the safety of your workplace but also the people within it if a fire was to break out. It is your responsibility to ensure daily fire safety checks are being carried out and completed efficiently, weekly bell test are completed and fire drills are conducted every six months. This can take a lot of managing and time to record the data.  

Recording this information is also vital, in the event of a fire it will be these records that will aid fire professionals in doing their job.  Local fire and rescue authorities inspect premises and will check these records.  


What is required within each of your responsibilities? 

Fire safety measures 

  • Conduct daily fire walks checking for clear stairwells, exit doors are closed and in good condition.  
  • Do a bell test every week to ensure your alarm is in full working order and can be heard in all parts of your building. 
  • Check all fire extinguishers monthly, ensure they are in the appropriate place and safety tags intact. 
  • Emergency lighting should be checked and tested by qualified electricians. 
  • Internal fire doors should be checked every six months. Fire doors are in place to prevent a fire from spreading and causing more damage, it is important they are in good condition.  

Plan for an emergency 

  • Emergency plan should be created and documented.
  • Ensure it is visible to staff and customers around the workplace
  • Conduct regular fire drills.

Provide staff with the appropriate training and fire safety instructions 

  • Staff should be trained on carrying out fire walks and general fire safety measures.
  • Staff should be aware of the evacuation plan and practiced in the case of a fire to ensure safe evacuation.

Carry out a fire risk assessment and review it regularly  

The Responsible Person (RP) must to carry out a fire risk assessment, including measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire, and identify persons at risk.

  • Identify fire hazards 
  • Identify the people at risk  
  • Evaluate means of reducing and removing fire hazards  
  • Record the above findings and review it regularly. 


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