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Fire Checks – What Should I Be Doing?

Fire safety is important in every building no matter the size. It is even more important when a building is occupied by people. If you are responsible for fire safety and the safety of the people within a building, but are confused and unsure of what you need to be doing and when? We have put together a list of items you should be checking to ensure the safety of your building and occupants, reducing the risk of fires.


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You should be checking all means of escape & fire exit doors are clear from obstruction.  It is also important to check your fire alarm panel normally situated near or behind reception within a building. Keep an eye out for errors or incorrect lightening.



You should be carrying out a bell test to ensure your alarm is in full working order and can be heard in all parts of your building. 



A visual check of all fire extinguishers, ensure they are in the correct location with correct signage, the safety pin is engaged and that it is correctly pressurized.  

Fire Extinguisher inspection 



Emergency lighting should be tested by a qualified electrician and Fire Detection System should be serviced quarterly by an authorized vendor who hold the relevant certificates for your territory. 


6 Monthly  

A check of all internal fire doors should be completed.


Fire hydrants located outside should be checked. Ensure they are clearly marked and free from obstruction in case Fire Service need to use them. 

It is important to carry out fire drills frequently. It reinforces the importance of fire safety and ensures that everyone is aware of what to do in the event of a fire.   



Fire Extinguishers should be serviced by an authorized vendor. 



Record, record, record. It’s vitally important that you record all of the above checks and retain all certificates in a system that is easy to access in the case of emergencies.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but this is something you should be doing at the very least.


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