Think about every Fire Door, like there’s a Lion behind it ……KEEP IT SHUT

Building Managers PLEASE watch this video to understand the severity of not checking fire doors. Its recommend that we inspect our fire doors every six months, see below an extract from BS 9999:2008

TODAY is a good time to start this process, if your not doing it already . (And yes, this is all bedroom doors in hotels!!)


V.6.2 Fire doors

 All fire doors should be inspected every six months. In particular, it should be ensured that:

a) heat-activated seals and smoke seals are undamaged;

b) door leaves are not structurally damaged or excessively bowed or deformed;

c) gaps between the door leaf and the frame are not so small as to be likely to bind, or so large as to prevent effective fire and smoke-sealing;

d) hanging devices, securing devices, self-closing devices and automatic release mechanisms are operating correctly.

BS 9999:2008

If you would like help to ensure this is carried out on time and inline with legislation….give us a mail…